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"Barometro de Ideias" is a company that is investing in internationalization. It conducts its business in 5 areas:
1. Development of web platforms;
2. Development of software to manage organizations, clinical software and business inteligence software;
3. Health system consulting;
4. Information systems consulting;
5. Training (e-learning or video-conference) in the area of health information systems.


Nuno Sousa

1990-1996: Degree in medicine, Universidade de Lisboa
1999:2001: Specialty of Family Medicine, Centro de Saúde de Sintra
1999: Clinical Software development: "Software de Apoio à Actividade do Interno de Internato de Clínica Geral (SAAI-ICCG)", distributed to portuguese medical residents by APMGF
2000-2008: Doctor - Pediatric urgency at Hospital Fernando da Fonseca (Amadora Sintra)
2002-2005: General Practitioner at Centro de Saúde de Sintra
2006-2010: Direction of the Family Health Unit of Dafundo (Portugal, ACES Oeiras)
2006-2010: General Practitioner at Family Health Unit of Dafundo (Portugal, ACES Oeiras)
2007: Development of IT Solution MedicineOne Performance Monitor(server component)
2007-2009: Portuguese member of WONCA classification comite
2009: CEO of Barómetro de Ideias
2010: Development of IT Solution
Curriculum Vitae | 12-2001 | End of GP training Click to read Nuno Sousa's Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae | 12-2002 | Getting access to GP career Click to read Nuno Sousa's Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae | 07-2012 | Getting access to the degree of consultant Click to read Nuno Sousa's Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae | 12-2011 | Resumed Click to read Nuno Sousa's Curriculum Vitae

Team Skills

- Medical Classifications (ICPC-2 CID10, MCDT's)
- Business Intelligence software (scorecards, trends)
- Hardware equipment, networks, security, communications
- e-comerce- dot.Net- Web programming
- pdf 1.4 specifications
- Operating Systems
- Information systems for health
- Accreditation of health unites
- Management and organization of health services
- Strategic planning of organizations
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