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Master Data Managment

Master Data Management (MDM) is a set of processes and tasks that allow organizing the organization's reference data, making them available to employees, partners and customers, thus maximizing interoperability between information systems.

"Master data" (or "reference data") are the are the blocks of data essencial for de description of "processes" or for the description of "objects" important to an organization.

In the field of health, some examples are presented:

Related to care providers
- Ministry of health Central Entities, Regional Health Administrations (ARS), Hospitals, Groups of Health Centers (ACES)
- Headquarters of functional units and functional units poles
- Types of services from service portfolios

Related to health professionals
- Professional groups, professional orders and associations, specialties, careers, types of contract, types of allowances

Related to users
- Types of user registration, types of benefits, nationalities.

Medicines, MCDT, medical devices, vaccines, contraceptives

Diagnostic and intervention classifications

Public Administration Accounting Standardization System - SNS Version (SNC-AP-SNS)

The following image illustrates the tasks that must be performed with each block of reference data, within the scope of the Master Data Management process.

MDM | Tasks
Barómetro de Ideias has developed, for the Central Administration of Health System, IP (ACSS), the Master Data System (SDM), available at, a tool that has around 5000 users nationwide and which has made it possible to carry out some GDM tasks related to the places of provision in Primary Health Care and Hospitals.
Information on SNS service locations is available online at
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